How Important is Video to your SEO Strategy?

This is just a quick post to discuss something that came up in a conversation with a client earlier today. He asked, “How Important is using Youtube for my SEO?”

That is a fair question, and one that many people do not fully understand. Now, Youtube is the king for online video so that is where we will focus, but keep in mind that other video sites such as Vimeo can be rewarding as well.

video youtube seo10 years ago, I remember telling a bunch of real estate brokers at a conference that video would be the way of the future when it comes to their businesses, and not just their business, but all business. At that time, I did not fully understand the scope of where it was going, but the trends were there and acquisitions of companies like Youtube by Google just goes to show how important it is in our everyday lives. But let’s talk about the SEO benefits.

A couple of years ago, Google added video-specific results in their SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) and for good reason. The amount of people that were searching for video-specific content was astounding. So, rather than making people click over on another tab to get video results, they started placing videos in the regular SERPs.

When you place a video on Youtube, or most any provider, you can add a short description which includes content, keywords, and yes, even a website link. So, when you have a popular video, or multiple popular videos, the link in your description can gain search engine weight for the associated keywords.

You’re welcome.

Now, there are some techniques that can be used to gain higher popularity of videos for specific keywords, and we can help with that. But, even if you don’t wish to hire our services, be sure to use some videos, add relevant keywords, and don’t forget the link to your website 😉

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